Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episode Fifteen: "Listocracy 4: This time it's pretentious"

Has it been five more episodes already? Criminy! Criminy? Criminy! I guess that means it's time for a Listocracy again! This week, join Joe and Touya as they discuss their top ten most underrated videogames of all time. Laughs will be had, tears will be shed and a surprise entry makes both lists midway through the show in one of the most ambivalent displays of serendipity to ever instigate the minds of .... hey! Come back here with my goddamn thesaurus!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Episode Fourteen: "SPAAAAAAAAAAACE!"

What starts off as a simple show about the Star Wars Blu-Ray release gets co-opted into a discussion about the Star Trek 45th Anniversary! What's it like when two very different worlds of nerdery collide? Find out as we draft into this discussion one Mr. Randy Pence of Geek World Order and Benje Warlick of Bulltoid. One thing's for certain, no matter who wins, the liscening rights will be astronomical.

Set lightsabers to stun

Monday, September 5, 2011

Episode Thirteen: The Electric Henshin Show

Count za medals! How many podcasts can OOO use this time? No idea what we're talking about? Good! Come on in to the Cous Coussier Cafe, put your feet up and let us educate you about the best series out of Japan that you've never heard of. Joe, Touya and returning guest Shawn "CybertronAx" Smith take us down memory lane of the recently completed Kamen Rider OOO series. Henshin!

Ta to ba, tatoba, ta to ba